Friday, December 30, 2005

UFO Spotted In Zamboanga City

An unidentified flying object hovers Dec. 24 on top of a hill in Lumbangan village in Zamboanga City. (Zamboanga Journal)

ZAMBOANGA CITY (Zamboanga Journal / 29 Dec) -- An unidentified flying object was sighted hovering over a quiet village in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines.

The object, which appeared metallic, was spotted in the remote village of Lumbangan, about 10 kms east of Zamboanga.

A witness claimed to have a photograph of the UFO hovering above a hill in the village.
"I was taking pictures Dec. 24 of the people digging for scrap and did not notice the flying object until I browsed the photographs from my laptop computer four days later."

"I was aghast at the picture and could not believe it. Of the 3 frames of photographs taken in the same site, the flying object only appeared on the second frame. It was not on the first frame and gone on the third," he said.

He said the object resembled a dark metallic disc with what appeared to be a dome on its top and it emitted neither sounds or smoke.
It was unknown if there were other witnesses, but he said some 70 people were in the garbage dump at the time the UFO hovered behind them.

"It was past 10 in the morning and I am sure I heard no sound of air crafts in the village. The UFO was behind just up there," he said.

He said he reported the sighting to an international scientific research organization in the United States, the UFO Evidence, and sent a copy of the photograph.
Several UFO sightings were also reported in the past in the Philippines.
Filipinos reported seeing UFOs in 1979 in Cebu, Bohol and Negros province in the central Philippines. In April 19, 2000, a UFO was spotted near a beer brewery office in Manila.
In June 28, 2002, a UFO was spotted hovering on a remote village in Polomolok town in South Cotabato province in the southern Philippines.
Two sightings were again reported in Dumaguete City in central Philippines in December 15 and March 11 on the same year. In January 16, 2004, a disc-shaped flying object was seen over San Jose Del Monte town in Bulacan province outside Manila and many other sightings since 1900.


The Mindanao Examiner said...

By the way, there have been similar sightings of UFO in Zamboanga's Sangali district last month.

Residents reported seeing flying objects. (zamboangajournal)

The Mindanao Examiner said...

This story has landed in so many UFO research groups and organizations around the world.

The photo is also posted on this link and I urge the others in the Philippines, who also had a similar sighting, or close encounters with UFOs to come forward and tell their stories.

Anonymous said...

I too had a shot of that UFO during our trip to boalan with my friends. I too didn't notice the object till i saw the bigger picture from my PC. Pictures will soon be posted.

The Mindanao Examiner said...

Thanks for the post anonymous, please leave your name and address. Thanks. said...

or perhaps a spyplane.