Wednesday, January 25, 2006


We are accepting donations for the poor and homeless children of Zamboanga City, especially those in Lumbangan village
(see story No Feast For The Yuletide, December archive)
where the government garbage dump is located.
Lumbangan people basically need medicines for fever and cough, anti-tuberculosis, multi-vitamins, dust masks, caps, boots and gloves.

We welcome other donations, such as old books and other reading materials, including Bible and Quoran, used clothings
and condoms for the city's slum.

We will send you photographs on CDs of the distributions of all donations and the names of the beneficiaries.

You can send your donations to
Zamboanga Journal
53-B, Alfaro St., Tetuan, Zamboanga City,
Philippines 7000
Write us at P.O. Box 36
Zamboanga City Post Office

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Zamboanga Journal


The Mindanao Examiner said...

Our appreciation goes to and its staff for helping and supporting this noble cause.

Maraming salamat sa at mabuhay!

Al Jacinto
Zamboanga Journal

Gina said...

Hi there,

I want to help - im a fellow zamboanga - I saw your site
and i feel bad for children out there in Lumbangan - what kind of medicine do you need.

my best regards to all out there.