Sunday, February 26, 2006

Situation Is Well Under Control, Says GMA

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assured the people that notwithstanding the existence of a state of national emergency, the situation all over the country is well under control.
The President made the assurance in the wake of the discovery of a plan by a few misguided elements in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), in conspiracy with the Left represented by the National Democratic Front-Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (NDF-CPP-NPA), to overthrow the government.
"We have nipped this plan in the bud," the President said in the vernacular, adding that arrests are forthcoming for those who have conspired in the plot, including the financiers of the foiled coup attempt.
The President assured the country that except for those who have chosen to break the chain of command, the military is united behind the Constitution and the commander-in-chief.
She said she is leaving it up to the military and police hierarchy to make the necessary moves pursuant to Proclamation 1017 and its accompanying General Order No. 5 which she also issued.
The President warned that the government will apply the full force of the law against those who persist in their plot to sow chaos and overthrow the duly-constituted authority.
"Ipinapahamak ninyo ang mahihirap sa inyong paghatak ng bansa palayo sa ating nararapat na antas sa daigdig bilang kuta ng pagkakaisa, pagsasakripisyo, pagmamalasakit at kahusayan sa mundo. Kinakalas din ninyo ang ekonomiya sa kaniyang mga tumatatag na saligan," the President stressed.
She called on the public to stay calm and the media to report only the truth, even she urged them not to play up negative and distorted information.
The President’s pronouncements came following a meeting of the government’s crisis committee at MalacaƱang which was attended by members of the Cabinet and top military officials.
The Chief Executive called on the members of the Cabinet and local government officials to continue with their usual public functions despite the situation.
"I call on all local governments to continue serving the people. Their safety and livelihood must not be unduly put in jeopardy," she said.
During the meeting, the President said she also asked the Foreign Affairs department to make the necessary reports to the various foreign embassies in the country.
Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said the actions of the government have been well calibrated and there is no overkill.The Constitution and the institutions of government are in full operation.
The government has derailed the conspiracy to overthrow it without having to resort to stronger legal measures provided for in the Constitution.
We commend the AFP and the PNP for doing a fine job in putting under control the threats to the Republic.Mopping up operations are ongoing.
Individual conspirators will be prosecuted and brought to justice. The decision to declare a State of National Emergency was meant for the people’s welfare.
Had the President not acted as she did, we would now be under a rightist-communist junta.

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