Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Fire Victims Need Your Help!
Thousands of families were displaced and are now "homeless" because of the massive fire (click here to view photos) that swept through Canelar and Camino Nuevo interior in Zamboanga City last Thursday (March 23) night.
The Archdiocese of Zamboanga has appealed for help so they may shelter and feed all those who have lost their homes, especially the children. Click here to view photo taken the day after the fire.
In response to the appeal made by Zamboanga Archbishop Carmelo Morelos, the
L.A. Zamboanga Times is launching a fund-raising campaign starting this week until the end of December this year.
However, due to our limited staff and the nature of this campaign, we can only accept monetary contributions (checks and money orders only). At the end of each month, starting April 30, we will send any amount we collect to Zamboanga Archbishop Carmelo Morelos along with the list of donors, amount donated and photo copies of checks and money orders sent to us by the donors.
Names of donors and the amount donated will be published by L.A. Zam-boanga Times and will be updated daily. The same list of donors will also be published by newspapers in Zamboanga City. Donors will receive a receipt from L.A. Zamboanga Times indicating the amount of donation made and for what purpose. Don't wait! Time is precious for those homeless people in need of your help. Mail your donation today!
Make check and/or money order payable to:
John L. Shinn III c/o L.A. Zamboanga Times
5410 N. Calera Avenue, Covina,
Calif. 91722, USA.
If you have any questions feel free to call me anytime (I'm available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at (626) 251-5563. Or you can e-mail me by clicking here.
We will make photo copies of all checks and money orders we receive just to make sure we have everything properly recorded and documented.

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