Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Vice Mayor Sells Zambo In America

Zamboanga City Vice Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco, 2nd from left, poses with Fr. Deny Toledo, SJ; Lizle Enriquez and Joe Ramos who is president of the Zamboangueno Association in New York City.

ZAMBOANGA CITY (Zamboanga Journal / 31 May) Vice Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco invited executives of various civic groups and organizations in the United States to visit and invest in Zamboanga City.

Climaco, who is in the US on official visit, said she met with Butch Meiley, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Executive in New York City, to explore possibilities of improving local communications systems and setting up of call centers.

"Mr. Meily has sought to find possibilities how ties can be improved to set up communications system for a call center in the city. There is really a need to expand possibilities to utilize the talents of Zamboanga’s graduates in the Spanish speaking market as well as the English and even Arabic speaking countries,” she said.

The City Council has recently approved a resolution requesting the Commission on Higher Education to study the possibility of additional units for Spanish and English proficiency and Arabic language in the tertiary curriculum.

Call centers are flourishing in major cities like Manila, Cebu and Pampanga but most operators prefer to hire Zamboanguenos as call center agents due to their proficiency in the Spanish and English languages as most of their clients are either Spanish or speak in English.

Climaco attended last week's Women’s Global Connection forum in San Antonio, Texas and is currently meeting with representatives of different business groups and organizations in New York and other areas in the US to invite them to invest in Zamboanga City.

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