Sunday, March 30, 2008

No People Power Coming, Says Arroyo Security Adviser

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Mar. 30, 2008) - Philippine National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales has appealed to citizens to help in nation building and support efforts by the government to bring about peace and development in the country.

Gonzales was in Davao City at the weekend and spoke at a forum participated by members of civil society groups and non-government organizations. He also explained the real story behind the ZTE controversy and current political situation in the country.

“The Filipino people at the moment are not interested in people power. We are not going towards any people power revolt. Most people do not want to attend protest actions,” Gonzales said at the forum organized by the Concerned Dabawenyos for Peace and Development and the Centre for Strategic Studies.

Since the surfacing of Rodolfo Lozada, a self-confessed witness, who alleged that a P200-million bribe was offered by Elections chief Benjamin Abalos Sr., to Romulo Neri, then Economic Secretary. This allegation opened a Philippine Senate investigation that caused sectors from the students, business and civil society to call for President Gloria Arroyo to resign.

Abalos has resigned as head of the Commission on Elections to pave the way for an impartial investigations.

At the forum, Gonzales explained that the prospect of change in the presidency is remote, “because President Arroyo is too strong”.

He said the important elements found in Edsa 1 revolution are not present in the current situation. Bishops, priest and nuns bearing rosaries in rallies is not around.”They do not join now”.

The 1986 people power is a miracle, he said. “Mother Mary made Edsa 1 possible.”

Gonzales said “the trouble is, government is not allowed to do what it should do to address problems of the country.” Government needs a communication system like the ZTE project to synchronize communication system of the country.

“Politicians in the opposition realize the futility of the present exercise calling for the resignation of the president, but they continue to do their tricks to gain the media mileage they badly need for the upcoming national elections in 2010”, the Secretary Gonzales finally said. (Candido Apararece, Jr.)

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