Thursday, June 26, 2008

Philippine TV Denies Anew It Paid Ransom To Abu Sayyaf

Inasmuch as we would like the truth to come out, it is our duty to correct erroneous reports that have been repeatedly published in major newspapers.

The reports allude to the involvement of ABS-CBN in the payment of ransom, citing a supposed Meralco-registered plane that was seen in Zamboanga City Airport in June to deliver two duffel bags that allegedly contained ransom.

We have checked this with Meralco and it said it has no Cessna plane and that no Meralco aircraft ever flew to Zamboanga during the entire kidnapping ordeal.

Meralco's majority shareholder is the Lopez Group of Companies, which owns ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.ABS-CBN strictly abides by its "no ransom" policy as it would put more journalists at risk from threats of kidnapping.

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