Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Village Chieftain Killed in Davao City

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / June 25, 2008) – Unidentified gunmen shot dead a village chieftain Davao City in the southern Philippines, police said.

Police said Ernesto Binggan, of the village of Fatima in Paquibato district, was killed at around 7 a.m.

No group or individual claimed responsibility for the attack, but the slain official was a staunch supporter of the military and had aided soldiers in the past in anti-insurgency campaign in his village.

Davao City is a stronghold of communist insurgents, blamed by the police and military for the spate of attacks and killings of civilians suspected as government spy or those aiding security forces in fighting the New People’s Army.

The NPA is the armed wing of the outlawed Communist Party of the Philippines, which broke off peace talks with the Arroyo government in 2004 after the United States and the European Union listed the groups, in Manila’s prodding, as foreign terrorist organizations. (Romy Bwaga)

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