Friday, September 26, 2008

Deranged Man Is Killed After Attacking Neighbors In South RP

COMPOSTELA VALLEY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Sept. 26, 2008) – Village policemen shot dead an old man, who allegedly went berserk and wounded one person in the southern Philippine town of Compostela.

At least seven policemen were involved in the killing of Pablo Cabilin, 67, on Thursday. They claimed that Cabilin was armed with a bolo and attacked one of them, Carlos Ilajas.

Cabilin also tried to attack other residents in the village which prompted the policemen, who were armed with shotguns, to open fire and eventually killing the man.

The victim’s family said Cabilin was suffering from a mental illness and that killing was unnecessary, adding, the village policemen could just have shot the man in the leg to immobilize him.

It was unknown whether the family would file criminal charges against the seven policemen or not. (Romy Bwaga)

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