Friday, November 28, 2008

IPHO-Sulu Provincial Hospital Celebrates 92nd Year

SULU, Philippines - The Integrated Provincial Health Office-Sulu Provincial Hospital has recently celebrated its 92nd anniversary with various programs highlighting the dedicated services of its personnel and the transformation of the IPHO to what it is today.

A bit of history, 92 years ago, in November 7, 1916, Dr Sixto Y. Orosa established the hospital system in Sulu with the honorable Hadji Butu as the first patient. Dr Orosa and his wife, Dr Severina Orosa were top graduates of the UP College of Medicine who spent more than 10 years in Jolo managing the “Sulu Hospital.”

It was during this time that the hospital was adjudged as the best administered in the country by General Leonard Woods.

The hospital has had several chiefs, locations and structures up to what it is now, completely renovated in 2005 thru the ARMM Social Fund under Regional Governor Parouk Hussin. The staff then did strategic planning to examine where we are and where we want to be hence our vision –mission statement.

VISION: By 2015, we envisioned the Sulu Provincial Hospital to be one of the best secondary hospitals and a Model of Excellence in health care in the country, insha Allah.

MISSION: The Sulu Provincial Hospital is a government secondary hospital committed to deliver effective, efficient and equitable hospital care to the people of Sulu by competent and compassionate personnel.

The values that we stand for goes by the acronym, ACE IT: Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Innovativeness, Teamwork.

It’s been 3 years since the strat plan has been formulated and we believed we have made giant leaps that it will take earlier than 2015 and we would have one of the best secondary hospitals in the country, so maybe we could aim higher, be a tertiary hospital, inshaAllah! (Dr Farah Omar-IPHO Sulu)

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