Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camp Blog to Usher in Potential of Digital Learning in Public High School Education in the Philippines

PAMPANGA, Philippines - One hundred forty four of the most promising public high school students and teachers nationwide will converge at the Mimosa Leisure Estate in Clark Field, Pampanga for the first Camp Blog conference from May 18-28 this year.

The 10-day affair will equip a new generation of students and teachers with a practical appreciation of the benefits and relevance of digital learning. To this end, Camp Blog will initiate hostilities with technical sessions to help frame high school education in light of advancements in 21st century digital learning.

Participants will be then divided into 12 lecture-discussion tracks, representing the major subjects taught in public high schools, namely; Math, Science, English, Filipino, Social Science, History, ICT Technology, Livelihood Entrepreneurship, Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health. Discussion in these subject areas will be led by foremost experts in each field. After which, participants are expected to have developed content for their assigned track.

Camp Blog will then transition into equipping participants with the necessary skills to best position their content for online consumption. Among these include online research and writing for the new media, such as online video/photo journalism and blogging.

The event is envisioned as an annual reinforcement activity to the iSchools Project by, “remaining consistent with the Project’s credo of bridging the digital divide,” states Antonette Torres, Project Manager of the iSchools Project.

Torres asserts that Camp Blog will achieve this through “the convergence of the best of traditional learning content requirements encountered in public high school education with the promise that digital learning modes afford.”

Camp Blog will be open to all students and teachers of the 360 public high schools who were previous recipients of the iSchools Project. Participant selection is competitive. Each successful applicant will have to demonstrate the necessary English proficiency through an online examination required by the iSchools Project.

The iSchools Project is a flagship initiative of the Commission on Information and Communication Technology - Human Capital Development Group (CICT-HCDG). The project aims to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, by providing training modules and increasing ICT access in the public high school sector. To date, the iSchools Project has endowed 360 computer laboratories across the Philippines. (Joe Torres)

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