Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zamboanga Solon Rallies People Behind Proposed New Congressional District

Statement on the Withdrawal of Signatures in the Resolution Supporting the Filing of House Bill 6259.

Representative, District 1
Zamboanga City, Philippines

Querido Compoblanos de Ciudad de Zamboanga!

Our Office has received reports that ten Barangay Chairpersons of the First District have withdrawn their signatures in the Resolution of Support to the Proposed HB 6259, “An Act Providing for the Reapportionment of the First (1st) and Second (2nd) Legislative Districts and the Creation of the Third (3rd) Legislative District of the City of Zamboanga”. We have yet to fully verify the circumstances which led to the withdrawal of support, but the fact remains, that it happened after a meeting in City Hall.

As an elected Representative of the First District of Zamboanga City, I am duty-bound to fulfill the overwhelming mandate given you my dear constituents to legislate and propose bills that will lead to a better and more progressive Zamboanga City. With this in mind, I have initiated the process of creating a third legislative district for Zamboanga City by filing HB 6259 and seeing through its endorsement to the Committee on Local Government where, by way of “legislative courtesy”, it will await the support and endorsement of the Representative from the Second District of Zamboanga City.

Prior to the filing of this bill, I have conducted public consultations with my constituents as well as with the leaders of the Barangays in District 1 as well as the people of Zamboanga. In all of these consultations, I have received an overwhelming amount of support, and as their representative in Congress I need to heed their clamor by being their voice in Congress.

I have always maintained transparency in the entire process, from consultations to the actual filing of the bill and thereafter. I have constantly updated you querido Zamboanguenos about the process of filing the bill and made sure that proper information dissemination is conducted. I have always put my true intentions upfront - my desire to contribute to the progress of our dear beloved Zamboanga City.

Efforts to impute malice or cast aspersion on my true intentions and allegations that malign the integrity of the intent is an affront, an insult and an injustice to the good intentions of doing and aspiring for what is best for Zamboanga City, namely: the creation of the 3rd District will mean, ADDED representation in the National Government, ADDED representation in the Sangguniang Panlungsod, more opportunities for legislation in national and local levels, and ADDED projects would mean added progress to the City and ADDED income to the Zamboangue┼łos.

It is beyond me why this issue continues to be met by doubt, skepticism and harsh criticism from parties who intend to turn this issue into a clash of personalities rather than a question of which side of the coin would fully benefit the people of Zamboanga.

Notwithstanding, these recent developments, this representation continues to believe in the integrity of our Barangay leaders and I maintain my deepest respects for their leadership to govern and make decisions.

In the end, I only wish for what is best for Zamboanga City, counting on a united front for which this issue - this bill, would eventually be passed by Congress. Whatever led to the events that recently took place, I reiterate that as your Representative in Congress I supported an ISSUE, which I believe will bring about the betterment of Zamboanga City.

As your Representative, I have done my work in Congress, and I urge that we continue to work together, particularly the entire 37 Barangays of District 1 so that UNITED, we can help make a difference in every Zamboangue┼ło and bring about the best for all, especially the children.

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