Saturday, July 04, 2009

Coup Leader Makes Presence Felt In South RP

Motorists pass a road Saturday, July 4, 2009 in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines where a poster of Colonel Ariel Querubin - one of only two living recipients of the Medal of Valor in the Philippine Marines – hangs and urges citizens to vote in next year’s national elections. Querubin, who is running for senator in next year's polls, faces court martial over a failed coup d’etat in February 2006. A navy commander, Antonio Trillanes, who also led some 300 soldiers in a coup against Arroyo in 2003, run as senator even in prison and won by a landslide in 2007. Opposition politicians have accused Arroyo of corruption and poll fraud, an allegation she strongly denied. Her allies in Congress are pushing to amend the Constitution which the opposition and militant groups say would prolong Arroyo’s stay in power beyond 2010. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

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