Thursday, August 20, 2009

Philippine Center for Photojournalism: Probe, Prosecute Those Behind Assault Of News Photograpers

The Philippine Center for Photojournalism demands a thorough investigation into the assault on photojournalists and their consequent manhandling during the dispersal of a protest action near the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

Even as we condemn the attack, we call on the Armed Forces and the National Police to immediately recall elements of the Presidential Security Group who were involved in the incident.

We also urge the Commission on Human Rights and the Justice department to look into the incident, which was a clear violation of freedom of expression and attack on media, for the appropriate filing of charges against those behind the attack.

There is no need for us to explain the brutality of the attack. The photographs, video footage, testimonies of our colleagues and statements of various media groups can attest to that. We can submit all these to the proper body to prove our case.

What we demand is for the government to take swift action by prosecuting those behind the assault, indemnifying the victims and assuring us that indeed there is press freedom in the country, contrary to what we have seen the other day.

We await immediate action.

Joan Bondoc
Chairman - PCP

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