Friday, November 06, 2009

Identify poll saboteurs, House Speraker tells senator

MANILA, Philippines - Speaker Prospero Nograles has urged Senator Richard Gordon to identify and expose those whom he accused of plotting to sabotage the 2010 automated polls.

"The world is watching us. A clean and credible election is a legacy we want our future generations to inherit. Maybe Sen. Gordon would be able to help us clear the way to 2010," Nograles said.

"Name the names because we are already 268 congressmen and women. It's hard to solve his crossword puzzle. It is is unfair to the 268 members of the House of Representatives, and to all concerned who are now toiling to make the 2010 polls a success," he said.

Nograles also urged the Senator not to underestimate the vigilance and capability of the electorate has been active participants in efforts to make the electoral processes clean, honest and credible."We must have faith in ourselves as a people. We will not countenance a no-election scenario in 2010. We will not let history condemn us for indifference," Nograles added.

He also pointed out that even the media, when confronted with the same situation, would certainly demand accusers to name names for the sake of truth and fairness.

"General accusation is always unfair even to media institutions. When media is accused of being ac-dc, you also ask those concerned to name names. It's the same in the House of Representatives. It was really uncalled for and unfair for Gordon to drop a bomb shell against members of the House of Representatives without giving the needed details," Nograles said. (Gil Bugaisan)

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