Friday, January 08, 2010

New resort to open in Sarangani province

Bamboo-finished cottages queue at Isla Jardin Del Mar in Sarangani province in Mindanao. (Photo by Cocoy Sexcion)

SARANGANI, Philippines – Christmas season has ended, and just as the summer wind heats up, beach goers and summer beach sports enthusiasts will surely find this fascinating place that lies in the celebrated Sarangani Bay.

Pinkish, white sand pebbled shoreline and crystal clear seawater is a soul-absorbing view Isla Jardin Del Mar offers right away.

Isla Jardin Del Mar is a Spanish name which means “ Island Garden of the Sea”. The resort queues farthest among the scores of other resorts emerging in Gumasa white sand beaches. It is set to open on January 23.

“Our family enjoyed the beach for 20 years privately,” said Charlemagne Tan-Delfino, the resort’s manager. “It took us two years of planning to get help from the barangay to provide us the road right of way. With the help of Governor Miguel Dominguez and Mayor Yoyong Yap , it becomes a reality.”

Charlemagne is the daughter of SAFII Group of Company’s President and CEO, Marfenio Tan, a fishing magnate in General Santos City and owner of the resort hotel in Sarangani - Isla Parilla in Alabel and Sydney Hotel - in General Santos City.

Isla Jardin Del Mar is a 34-hectare land area. The management decided to have its 15 hectares for site development for the resort. In an aerial view, Isla Jardin looks like a peninsula connected to a small island through the years, with the cottages and a restaurant floating over two separate white sand bars.

The pinkish white shoreline stretches and curves 750 meters, which gives the beachfront an impression as if the resort is a small island.

Just at the other side of the road is a lagoon. “There will be crabs and a fish pond in the future so we can do fishing,” Delfino disclosed. It is a breathtaking view of a small lake and the Sarangani Bay atop the hills which serve as the boundary for Isla Jardin Del Mar.

“We have mountain trekking beginner’s trail for 30 minutes both sides of the resort where you can see the spectacular Gumasa coastal view,” Delfino said. Two standard volleyball courts are also under construction.

About 25 meters from shoreline is the “garden” of corals 300 meters wide. “Our guests will surely enjoy the coral reef and colorful coral fish.”

Isla Jardin Del Mar is three kilometers from the main road.

This year, the resort epitomizes summer fun for the many. Yet for now, the Island Garden of the Sea is a hideaway for the busy few and the soul searching.(Russtum G. Pelima)

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