Thursday, February 11, 2010

Samal women finish literacy program in Pagadian City

Some of Samal women who finished a five-month literacy course by the The nongovernmental organizations Ummah Fi Salam and the Socio-Pastoral Institute in Pagadian City in the southern Philippines. Sister Agnes Suarin and Sultan Maguid Maruhom headed the training.

PAGADIAN CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Feb. 11, 2010) – The nongovernmental organizations Ummah Fi Salam and the Socio-Pastoral Institute continue its various humanitarian program aimed at helping the poor in the southern Philippines.

Just recently, the two organizations finished a five-month basic writing and reading to 23 Samal women in the village of Santiago in Pagadian City. The Adult Literacy Class for Women is part of the groups’ women empowerment strategy as a key to community development.

The training was headed by Sister Agnes Suarin, who is active in literacy programs in many areas in Mindanao.

The participants also shared their experiences during the seminar whose theme was “Knowledge: A key to empowering oneself, as a woman, as a person.”
“I am so happy, now I know how to read and write…finally. Thank you very much,” said Salma Asan to the organizers of the seminar.

Sister Suarin said they will continue the literacy program with the help of community volunteers who also shared the same advocacy.

“I also wanted to thank all of you. We also learned a lot from you and we will continue this program with the help of everybody,” she said.

UFS Executive Director Sultan Maguid Maruhom also praised the participant and urged them to continue reading.

“Education is a continuing process. We thanked all those who attended the training and for accepting the challenge of learning the basics of writing and reading and the children, despite their young age and status in life, they showed great interest. With this new knowledge, they could become more productive and can help their family someday,” the sultan said. (Becky de Asis and Leah Agonoy)

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