Friday, October 15, 2010

FOR SALE: Commercial Building In Zamboanga City

FOR SALE: Commercial Building In Zamboanga City

Prime location: Veterans Avenue
Floors: 3

Price: P55 million

Direct Buyers Only
Call: 0917-7103642

A. Main Bldg

3 Floors

- 1st floor (6 Doors fully occupied)

- 2nd floor (currently 6 storage rooms for each 1st floor tenant) The 6 compartments can be rented out as office space.

- Rent per door + 2nd floor storage compartments currently is approximately P18,000 a month. Rates are low due to upcoming sale (other buildings in the area rent out at P30,000 a month per a unit minimum).

Tenant contract is currently renewed annually.

- 3rd floor (entire floor currently occupied by a gym/fitness center) for P18,000 a month.

B. 4 Warehouses

- Rent per unit: 8k-15k monthly
- 3/4 units occupied

C. Staff House

- 5 bedrooms

Classified Ads Zamboanga Office October 15-30, 2010

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