Friday, November 26, 2010

Superbrands awards Volume 6 winners

The Manila Times President and Chief Executive Officer Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd (right) receives Superbrands awards for The Times and HealthNews from Superbrands International Inc. Chairman Karl McLean on Wednesday night. (Photo by Jamie Marie Elona)

MANILA, Philippines - SUPERBRANDS is set to reopen its two-year program of identifying the best Filipino brands after it recognized 30 of these, including The Manila Times and HealthNews, as outstanding on Wednesday night.

The winning brands received the honor of carrying the prestigious “Superbrands” logo in their products. They also received a trophy and a copy of Superbrands Volume 6, which features all of this year’s awardees.

Dante “Klink” Ang II, chief executive officer and executive editor of both The Times and HealthNews, accepted the awards for both publications.

Other brands honored during Wednesday’s ceremony, called “Superbrands Philippine Awards Tribute Night 2010,” were: A Bonne’, Anniversary Report, Asahi, Burlington, BusinessWorld, Center for Culinary Arts, C-Lium Fibre, Fern-C, Fern-Slim, Fuji Scales, Gardenia, Globe Tattoo, High Life, Shop TV, Lemon Square, Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc., The Manila Bulletin, Met Tathione, My DSL, Orocan, Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. Inc., Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), RedFox, Solignum, Top 1000, Yakult and Zuni.

Superbrands International Inc. President Harry Tambuatco said that many of the Volume 6 brands have pre-qualified for having met the criteria for longevity, market domination and acceptance.

He added that these brands—PLDT, Globe, Gardenia and Yakult, among others—are already well-known to Filipinos.

Tambuatco said, though, that Filipinos should also notice brands that they barely know. “I think the bigger question is: ‘How about [the] brands I don’t know that are in the program?”

He added that the brands applying for Superbrands recognition are assessed through an internal process that involves the participation of the mother company in the United Kingdom.

Every Filipino brand in the market is given a chance, not only those who are invited directly by Supebrands, Tambuatco said.

“There are close to 25,000 to 30,000 [brands] that are introduced in the market now. Most of them don’t make it, some [do],” he added.

“So why do they want to become Superbrands? They want to identify with [the] brand title to give them some type of market acceptance, so they come to us.”

Tambuatco revealed during the ceremony that brands vying for Superbrands Volume 7 need to pass a new requirement: They must register a trademark for their brand.

Ricardo Blancaflor, the director general of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, explained that having a brand trademarked ensures its protection.

As an example, he cited Mang Inasal, which reached P3 billion worth in equity, prompting Jollibee to buy it for its registered trademark.

Blancaflor believes that the brand name itself is worth more than the whole company.

Superbrands International Inc. Chairman Karl McLeid wished that “Philippine brands [should go] global.” He also believes that Supebrands can help do this because it is recognized in 88 countries. (Euden Valdez)

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