Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caraga has 141 new Agrarian Reform Communities

BUTUAN CITY, Philippines - The Department of Agrarian Reform launched 141 Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) in the entire Caraga Region, which were also recipients of multi-million projects both in the infrastructure and livelihood, officials said.

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Caraga Regional Director Faisar Mambuay
said one ARC from every congressional district will be launched this year.

He said the regional office has provided free legal assistance to numerous agrarian reform beneficiary farmers both in the judicial and quasi-judicial courts.

“Indeed, we have done much," Mambuay said. "We have provided a living and even life to the beneficiaries.”

Mambuay added that through DAR programs, beneficiaries have raised their income as shown in the recent ARC Level of Development Assessment.

“We have empowered our beneficiaries. This can be best manifested with the 1,000 farmer beneficiaries who gathered last June 15, showcasing their harvests in the major streets of ButuanCity. This is a showcase of their empowerment and their gratitude to the government program that paved to their success,” Mambuay said.

However, Mambuay said the road to rural development is still long and more work needs to be done. “We still need to provide more infrastructures for a better access for our products and farmers...we still need to put up more basic social services to dignify our farmers...we still need to alleviate many farmers from the claws of poverty…we still need to do more and the task is still too huge,” he said. (Robert Roperos)

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