Thursday, July 07, 2011

Davao mayor who smacked demolition sheriff gets support from allies, supporters

Davao City Councilman Paulo Duterte in a television grab by ABS-CBN.

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / July 7, 2011) – Allies of a Philippine mayor who smacked a demolition sheriff have their support to the politician who is facing a government investigation into the incident.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio filed a five-day leave of absence to pave way for the investigation ordered by Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, who was shocked by the July 1 incident.

Sheriff Abe Andres said he was only serving a legitimate court order to demolish illegal houses in Agdao district when he was attacked by the politician. Andres was with a group of armed policemen when he was attacked in public by Carpio.

The mayor said she was only asking 2 hours for the sheriff to postpone the demolition because it could spark a riot in the area.

Carpio’s father, Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, said he would do the same or much worst to the sheriff for ignoring orders to stay the demolition. He also castigated the newspaper columnists and reporters who criticized her daughter and during a live television interview, flashed a dirty finger and cursed the critics.

His son, Councilor Paulo Duterte, leader of the League of Barangays in Davao City, also flashed a dirty finger on Wednesday during an interview with television reporters when he was asked about his father’s action.

“You want some more, here,” he told reporters and then flashed dirty finger before turning his back.

The League of Barangays and other politicians allied with the Dutertes have thrown their support to the mayor. Green ribbons were also seen in public places in Davao City and is said to have been put up by the mayor’s supporters.

The sheriff said he will not file charges against the mayor and has offered his apology to the politician for not heeding her appeal for the stay of the demolition.

Carpio said one policeman was injured when residents attacked the demolition team. It only stopped when she rushed to Agdao and pacified the rioters. She then confronted the sheriff and punched him at least four times in the face and pulled his hair as her body guards restrained the man to prevent him from escaping the mayor’s wrath.

Carpio’s father told her not to apologize to the sheriff for her violent outburst. Both father and daughter are both lawyers. (Mindanao Examiner)

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