Monday, July 18, 2011

Today in Philippine History July 18

On July 18, 1626, the miraculous Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, more popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo, arrived at the Manila Port, brought by Don Juan de Tabora from Mexico aboard the galleon, El Almirante, to make voyage to the Philippines.

This took place at the height of the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico.

Governor Tabora, who left the shores of Mexico on March 25, 1626, called for a pompous celebration of the image's arrival, fully believing that the galleon's safe and successful journey was due to the presence of the image of the Blessed Virgin as they braved for months the dangers of the stormy seas and a fire aboard the ship.

After Governor Tabora died in 1632, the Blessed Image was turned over temporarily to the care of the Jesuit fathers who were then constructing a church in Antipolo. Actually, a church was to be specifically built for the Blessed Virgin in the nearby barrio of Sta. Cruz.

Later on, the image was housed in a residence in Quiapo, Manila previous to its transfer to the Quiapo Church. It stayed there until October 15, 1945, when it was finally transferred to its permanent sanctuary at the Church of Antipolo.

Notedly, devotees commemorate this transfer every year as they join the "Alay Lakad" from Quiapo Church to the Antipolo Cathedral, starting at around 8 P.M. of April 30 until dawn of the following day, May 1.

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