Monday, July 25, 2011

Where is El Dorado?

Where is El Dorado? No one has ever found the legendary city of riches known as El Dorado.

It's thought to be in South America and was the goal of many 16th- and 17th-century explorers. The legend comes from tales of the Chibcha custom of rolling a chieftain in gold and then ceremoniously rinsing him in a lake.

In the process of rinsing, supposedly gold and jewels washed into the water. Over time, the legend grew and people referred to both the chieftain and the place where the ritual was supposed to have taken place as El Dorado, Spanish for "the gilded man."

One determined explorer, the conquistador Sebasti√°n de Belalc√°zar, failed to find El Dorado, but on this date in 1536 he founded the city of Santiago de Cali, which grew to be one of Colombia's largest cities.

Quote: "Do not hold everything as gold that shines like gold." — Alain de Lille

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