Thursday, August 04, 2011

What can you do with your pet hermit crab?

What can you do with your pet hermit crab? With their beautiful shells and active lifestyle, it's no wonder that hermit crabs have become one of the most popular pets in America.

Hermit crabs are not actually "true crabs"; they protect their abdomen with removable shells, which allow them to be more agile.

These crustaceans can climb on objects, dig through sand and even scuttle their naked bodies between different shells. By changing around its "crabitat" you will keep your hermit busy and happy.

But, if you really want to challenge your hermit, train it for the annual Miss Crustacean USA Beauty Pageant and Ocean City Creep. Hermit crabs are judged for originality, beauty, and speed. The winner is awarded the glorious "Cucumber Rind Cup" and has the honor of scuttling down a floral runway as onlookers applaud and cheer.

Quote: "Think about a hermit crab, okay? And its... shell. It's like, they go from one shell to the next. And, that's what I am. I'm just a hermit crab changin' shells." — Danny McBride

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