Monday, March 27, 2006

Zambo Ecozone Lures 2 New Firms

Zamboanga City (Zamboanga Journal / 27 Mar) Two new companies have signed-up an investment contract with the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (ZAMBOECOZONE), boosting the local business sector in this part of the southern Filipino region, officials said Monday.
Officials said the Fenix Group of Companies Incorporated and its marketing arm, the Southern Auctioneer International Incorporated have signed a agreement with the ZAMBOECOZONE to invest here.
Fenix Group of Companies Incorporated is a domestic trading firm that engages in the importation and recondition and used industrial and heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, sports utility vehicles and passenger vans for the Filipino market.

While the Southern Auctioneer International Incorporated is in-charge of the auction and shopping of imported reconditioned vehicles for domestic market.

Jaime EscaƱo, president of the Fenix Group of Companies, said his group is optimistic in putting its business here because of the city's strategic location and tax benefits it would enjoy from the economic zone.

The company is expected to operate its trading of imported vehicles and machineries from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the Middle East within three months, after completing necessary documents and facilities needed for their business.

Georgina Yu, administrator and chairmperson of the ZAMBOECOZONE, said labor requirements of the two companies would benefit local skilled workers.

The Fenix Group needs a cumulative manpower requirement of some 300 workers in its initial year of operation and this would reach to 2,000 employees or more within five years.

The Southern Auctioneer International will also need some 200 workers for the auction selling and marketing during its operational period.

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