Friday, August 25, 2006

Restoration of Sulu Sultanate is best solution to unrest in South RP

Map of Mindanao. (Mindanao Examiner)

ZAMBOANGA CITY (AKI / 25 Aug) The restoration of the ancient Islamic Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo would be the best solution to unrest in the southern Philippines unrest, a local historian told AdnKronos International (AKI).

Professor Emmanuel Mangubat, a member of the Sulu Restoration Movement, argued that a return to monarchial and Islamic tradition is exactly what the conflict-ridden region needs
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Muhammad said...

I totally disagree. Monarchy is not good form of government. The proof is around us. Most nations stayed away from monarchy long time ago. Older countries have learned their lesson well. Besides, monarchy will not decrease or reduce the poverty. It would be worst. For this country to attain peace there must be abundance of everything. This country wants to go to the big time (Technology, IT, call centre) without the developing agriculture. Now, this country produces so many educated people. And now, this educated people fights for this little resources. With an abundant agriculture, the price of food will be so less. And, any poor will be able to afford to eat. This will all be fixed with the implementation of five super regions. If you are going to war, monarchy is the best form of government.

Anonymous said...

Professor Emmanuel Mangubat seems to be a good historian - but I think history is a far subject from Political Economics or Sustainable Development. The world is changing rapidly and becoming more chaotic to only base or judge socio-economic issues simply on 'history' or the past? It think Mr. Mangubat should be more pragmatic on this.


The Sulu Sultanate (Monarchy system) should not be neglected by the Sulu peoples. Its a symbol of the UNITY of the peoples since a very long time ago. It's like our "father". Even we now educated or more higher status in lifes, we could not say "I'm more higher then my father!". In whatever circumstances, the Sulu peoples should put the Sulu Sultanate in high place as show our "Respects". Just by put back the Sulu Sultanate kingdom to his place (Restoration), then the matter step by step will could be fix up. REVOLUTIONARY method will not be settle the proplems in Sulu.'s should be lead by the wise leader (true heir). If not the Sulu Sultanate will be "LOST" again as what were done by the previous families of the Sulu Sultanate.