Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CPP Steps Up Recruitment To Carry Fresh Offensive In RP

PAMPANGA (Mindanao Examiner / 27 Dec) – The outlawed Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said it was stepping up recruitment of fighters to carry out fresh offensive against government targets.

"We must expand and intensify the tactical offensives of the people's army against the enemy. We must seize more arms from the enemy in order to form more platoons of the New People's Army and build more guerrilla fronts," the CPP said during its 38th founding anniversary Tuesday.

"We must strive to advance from the early to the middle phase of the strategic defensive by multiplying the platoons and the guerrilla fronts, and improving command at the levels of the region and guerrilla fronts."

It called for the recruitment of tens of thousands of new members, emphasizing its importance in advancing the level of revolutionary struggle. And to take advantage of the intensifying struggles to expand its ranks.

"The intense and widespread armed and legal forms of struggle are providing a continuous flow of fresh highly motivated and militant Party recruits," it said.

The NPA, armed wing of the CPP, is fighting the past three decades to topple the government and install a Maoist state in the country.

Peace negotiations between the government and communist rebels collapsed following the pullout of the National Democratic Front (NDF) from the talks due to its inclusion in the terror lists of the United States and the European Union.

Rebel leaders demanded that Manila asks the United States and the European Union to strike them off from the terror lists before they resume peace talks. (Mi
ndanao Examiner)

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