Monday, April 05, 2010

Choose Gibo If You Are Not For Erap, Says Jinggoy

MANILA, Philippines - If voters decide not to vote for his father, Puwersa ng Masa standard-bearer and former President Joseph Estrada, as their presidential candidate, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada said they should then vote for Lakas-Kampi-CMD bet Gibo Teodoro in the May 10 elections.

The senator made the statement during a proclamation rally in Bogo City and Daanbantayan town in Cebu that was also attended by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, the founding head of the local party One Cebu that has is backing Gibo’s presidential bid.

According to a report by the Cebu Freeman, the younger Estrada described Gibo as brilliant and qualified to be the country’s next president.

“Kung hindi ninyo iboboto ang aking ama na si Presidente Joseph Estrada, sana si Gibo Teodoro nalang ang iboto ninyo (If you will not vote for my father, President Joseph Estrada, I hope you would vote for Gibo Teodoro instead),” the Freeman quoted Sen. Estrada as saying before the crowd during the rally.

During Gibo’s latest sorties in Cebu, Garcia and his brother, Rep. Pablo John Garcia” announced the full support for Gibo of One Cebu, which has emerged since its establishment in 2004 as the most dominant power bloc in the over 400-year history of the province.

“One Cebu is for Gibo, so Cebu is Gibo country,” said the lady governor. Her brother said, on the other hand, that 49 of 51 mayors in the province are backing Gibo.

Like the young Estrada, Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar also said earlier he would vote for Gibo if her husband, Nacionalista Party standard bearer and senator Manny Villar, were not running in the May polls.

Mrs. Villar said he would choose Gibo because “he is better than the others.”

She also pointed out that she liked Gibo because he was “campaigning on a more professional level.”

Gibo, who is a former defense secretary and 1989 bar topnotcher, has mounted a positive campaign anchored on issues, and has never resorted to mudslinging or criticizing his opponents to make himself look good during presidential forums and other public gatherings.

Besides his unblemished track record in serving government, Gibo’s impressive list of credentials include his Master of Laws at the Harvard Law School, his term of nine consecutive years as congressman from the first district of his home province of Tarlac and his skills as a licensed commercial pilot.

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