Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tourists flock to Boracay Island

A Boracay Island sand artist finishes up on his sand sculpture in time for tourists to appreciate his art work. Hundreds of thousands of tourist crowd the shoreline of Boracay during the Holy Week celebrations to spent time away from the big city. While tourists check out the green algae on the shoreline of the famous tourist island and wonder where the P50 environmental fee the provincial government has been charging upon entry gone. (Pinoy Gonzales)


Donna said...

The Boracay Island Philippines is home to World Beach Volleyball (held in September) and February’s Fun-board Cup, which is an international event for windsurfing. The clear, blue waters will entice you for swimming.

highchords said...

The description of the beach is great and also the snapshots posted. Would like to have a visit in in the near future.
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