Friday, January 14, 2011

DTI enhances business registration procedures

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Jan. 14, 2011) - Registering your business with the Department of Trade and industry is now made even better, faster and more accessible following major changes made on its business name registration procedures.

The changes are in response to President Benigno Aquino’s directive in his SONA in July 2010 to streamline business registration processes. Turn around time for BN registration according to the President should be within 15 minutes.

The changes are contained in DTI’s Department Administrative Orders No. 10-01, 10-03 and 10-08, all series of 2010 instituting a localized scheme for BN registration based on geographic divisions and the imposition of a four-tiered, ladderized system of fees.

The new BN registration fees for both original and renewal applications shall now be as follows depending on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application: Barangay - PhP200.00; City/Municipality - PhP500.00; Regional - PhP 1,000.00; National- PhP 2,000.00.

Dr. Sitti Amina Jain, Asssitant Regional Director of DTI-9 explained that while at first glance, the fees appear to have gone up considerably from the previous PhP300.00, this is actually advantageous and may encourage businesses to expand or branch out since owners only have to apply once, unlike before when he has to apply and pay for the BN for every branch he puts up.

The fees are graduated and calibrated such that small businesses in the barangays only need to pay the reduced BN fee of PhP200.00 while larger businesses with capacities to branch out, say within the region, will pay PhP1,000.00 only once for both his main and branch offices in the region.

Procedures too, have been simplified such that the data fields required in the BN application have been drastically reduced to six from the previous 36 and the old eight- webpage application form had been reduced to just one page. This called for the shifting of the burden of ensuring registrability of BN from the DTI to the applicant through an undertaking.

“What is even more significant is that BN registration is now borderless, that is, a registrant can now apply in any DTI field office for his business name”, Dr. Jain said.

Three modes of registering a BN is also now possible: purely over-the-counter, online all the way, and hybrid (example: file application online and pay over-the counter).

“However, online and hybrid registrations are not yet available in Region 9 at present while the negotiations for payment through G-Cash and bank debit cards in the provinces are still being worked out”, Dr. Jain explained. (Lowell Vallecer)

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