Monday, January 17, 2011

Philippines stages horse fighting

Villagers in the southern Filipino province of North Cotabato watch in awe as stallions fight during the celebration Sunday, January 16, 2011 of the feast of the child Jesus or popularly called the Santo Nino in the largely Catholic country. Horse fighting has now been outlawed almost worldwide. But it still thrives, however, in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, China and South Korea.
Brutal and inhumane, these spectacles can be anything from featured events in annual fiestas and thanksgiving festivals to scrappy events put together by locals for the purposes of an afternoon's gambling and entertainment, or to honor a special guest. Horse fighting takes place in city stadiums or abandoned playing fields in remote villages and provinces and in more highly populated areas they may also be conducted at a local racetrack. (Mindanao Examiner Photo – Geo Solmerano)


Patty said...

This is sick, brutal and inhumane treatment of beautiful creatures of god. You need to stop this sick, vicious treatment of horses now.

I am appalled beyond belief.

Patty K

The Mindanao Examiner said...

Letter to the Editor

January 19, 2010

I was appalled to hear you are having horse fighting in your country and you are advertising for it in your paper. You need to stop this sick, cruel practice of hurting beautiful horses.

Please let your government know this is barbaric and needs to stop.


Patty Kuhner

Dear Patty,

We appreciate your concern about this brutal fighting of animals in North Cotabato province. And we fully understand your feelings.

We treated the photos as news and posted it on our website hoping that it will get the attention of Filipino lawmakers and provincial legislators and pass a law that will totally ban horse fighting in the country. And for the whole world to condemn this unnecessary practice which has become a tradition in some parts of the southern Philippines.

Thank you.

Al Jacinto

Merch ei Mam said...

... and this in the name of Baby Jesus!