Tuesday, April 26, 2011

US man kills self after shooting Pinay girlfriend

An undated photo of Ramy Jacildo published by the Filipino newspaper, the Visayan Daily Star, on its April 26, 2011 issue. (Photo from http://www.visayandailystar.com/2011/April/26/index.htm)

MANILA, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Apr. 26, 2011) – A Filipino woman in the United States was shot dead by her boyfriend who committed suicide after the killing, US media reported on Tuesday.

It said the woman, Ramy Jacildo, who was a native of Bacolod City in the Philippines, had been repeatedly shot inside her brother’s home in New York by Vincent Russo, 26.

Jacildo was in the US to visit her brother in Central Valley. The two met last year while the woman was vacationing in Washington, D.C. Federal authorities are investigating the motive of the killing.

A Filipino newspaper, the Visayan Daily Star, reported on Tuesday that Jacildo was a teacher who taught autistic children in her hometown. It said the woman travelled to the US in March to visit her parents, Zenaida and Eduardo Jacildo, who had migrated there.

It also quoted an aunt of Jacildo as saying that Russo wanted to marry the woman, but she was not ready for it. Jacildo’s relative described Russo as “too possessive” and that she had discovered that the man had a temper.

“Russo told her they could get married and if it did not work out they could easily get a divorce, but my niece being a Filipina, did not believe in that, she was a religious person,” the newspaper quoted the woman’s relative as saying.

“Ramy was full of life, she was a ballet dancer, and worked with special children. She had gone to the United States as she had a sponsor for a job and most of her family is already living there,” Jacildo’s aunt said. (Mindanao Examiner)

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