Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prioritize Anti-Discrimination Bill, Gay Group Tells President Aquino

MANILA (Mindanao Examiner / Sept. 22, 2011) – A local human rights group called Progressive Organization of Gays (ProGay-Philippines) urged President Benigno Aquino to prioritize the passage of the House bill 1483 or the Anti-Discrimination Act of 2010.

The group also criticized Aquino on his position to gay rights after he declined to answer during a television interview in the United States on how he would deal with gay marriages in the Philippines. Aquino also said that he would be in a dilemma to allow gay couples to adopt children.

Aquino was in New York where he attended an international forum with President Barack Obama.

Goya Candelario, a spokesman for the ProGay-Philippines, said: “ProGay believes it is truly shameful display for the Philippine government to display total lack of knowledge and appreciation of what the ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer’ Filipinos need. Aquino must realize he should stop issuing mere motherhood statements on gay rights and do his homework on the existing legal work that gay activists have been pushing the government for more than 15 years now.”

He said Aquino should devote more time working with Congress, the Judiciary and his agencies to start work on how to fulfill the country’s obligation to United Nations conventions protecting the rights of LGBTQs, which is embodied in House Bill 1483 filed by Congressman Teddy Casiño.

The House Bill 1483 has not been acted upon and is now with the House Committee on Justice.

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