Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zambonga journalist victimized by identity theft on facebook

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - A program director and news anchor of Radio Mindanao Network Zamboanga City sought assistance from the National Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group as well as from National Union of Journalists of the Philippines for a facebook account who used his name to extort money.

Gilbert Climaco said he believes he was a victim of identity theft that resulted in harassment, verbal abuse and trauma.

Climaco a radio anchor of Radio Mindanao Network discovered that an unidentified person is using his name, his mug shot photos and personal background through social networking site Facebook.

“I don't have knowledge about using social networking in fact I don't have an account with Facebook or any other social media or networking sites,” Climaco told the NUJP ZAMBASULTA.

In said “Gil Climaco” Facebook account, lewd photos and other pornographic materials are posted tagging all media friends, sources from all government agencies including personal friends, relatives, families and children.

“The impostor is doing negative things against me, maligned me and it has created a lot of mess in my life,” Climaco added whose family, friends, relatives and children are affected, scandalized and traumatized over the postings of photos made by the impostor.

Lorna Fernandez Jumalon a known local painter here and one of those tagged in the said indecent photos initially reacted strongly against Climaco, “I want to hurt him, to slap him again and again.”

Fernandez Jumalon was glad when she learned that said Gil Climaco account was not of the real Climacos.

“What if she was not informed, anybody can just approached me and do something harm on me,” Climaco said.

NBI Assistant Administrative Officer George Perez said Climaco is victim of identity theft and the person or the impostor who used his personal background “has the intention to harm him physically, destroy his honor and image.”

Perez admitted that social networking is also one form of high technology media attack or harassment, “anybody can just create an account and can manipulate other people to attack you, its also a form of media attack.” (NUJP - Julie Alipala)

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